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Undergraduate Admissions

As your teachers have told you a million times, always read the instructions first!

Instructions for applying

The VCU Office of Admissions strongly encourages all students to apply to the university using the electronic application. Students who apply electronically will be able to check their application status online to be sure we have received all required materials (admission decisions are not provided online). The application fee for applying online is $40; the application fee for applying using the paper version of the application is $50.

Please determine the email address that you will use for VCU correspondence and be sure that this email address stays active for at least one year from the date that you apply to the university, as we will communicate with you via email throughout the application process.

All students applying to the university who wish to be considered for in-state tuition rates must complete and submit the Application for In-state Tuition form PDF at the time of application. Failure to submit the Application for In-state Tuition form will result in assignment of out-of-state tuition rates.

Please take a moment to review the additional instructions and information for freshman, transfer, arts or other applicants, depending on which type of applicant you are, as well as to review the required fees and documentation.

Why do we ask for your Social Security number?

While VCU does not require your Social Security number for admission consideration, it is necessary for applicants who wish to be considered for financial aid and Hope Scholarship/Lifetime Learning tax credit to provide a Social Security number to the university. To protect your privacy, your Social Security number will not be used as your VCU student identification number.

Students on campus
Students on campus