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Main and Linden streets

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7 | Main Street and Linden Court


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Four university buildings come together at the bustling intersection of Main Street and Linden Court: the University Student Commons, T. Edward Temple Building, Oliver Hall – School of Education and Oliver Hall – Physical Sciences.

Linden CourtLinden Court

Colorful banners hang from lampposts in Linden Court highlighting VCU traditions and events.

Ram the Streets

“Ram the Streets,” a project to paint the university’s mascot on streets near the Monroe Park Campus, increases school pride and spirit among students, faculty, staff and alumni.

Grace E. Harris HallGrace E. Harris Hall

1015 Floyd Avenue
Grace E. Harris Hall is home to the VCU Student Services Center, including the offices of Financial Aid, Records and Registration and Student Accounting. Once home to the School of Business, Harris Hall was renamed in fall 2007 to honor the former university provost, Grace E. Harris.