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Undergraduate Admissions

Christopher Paul

Chris Paul

Title: Regional recruiter
Responsibilities: Regional admission recruiting
Counselor region: New Jersey
High school: Walnut Hill School
College: Sarah Lawrence College

About Undergraduate Admissions

What brought you to VCU?

The diversity and vitality of the city of Richmond. I also appreciate VCU’s influence and contribution towards the development of this beautiful city.

Name three adjectives that describe Undergraduate Admissions.

Supportive, dedicated, insightful

What do you enjoy most about meeting prospective VCU students?

Their energy and determination

What are three things we'll find in your suitcase?

My laptop, a photograph of my dog and my graduate school textbooks

Best part of your job:

Meeting the talented students throughout my region and helping them realize their dreams and potential

About me

What don’t most people know about you?

I have worked as a professional photographer

What are you reading right now?

“Student Development in College (Theory, Research and Practice),” by Nancy Evans, et al.

What’s your perfect Sunday afternoon?

Spending time in the garden, a trip to the park with my dog or a chance to make a great home cooked dinner

Who/what inspires you?

Learning new things and meeting new people

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