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Undergraduate Admissions

For information on meal plan types and requirements and on-campus dining choices.

Campus dining

Are undergraduate students required to purchase a meal plan?

If you are an undergraduate student residing in a university residence hall (not a student living in university apartments), then you are required to choose a 200 block or greater meal plan.

What meal plans are available?

VCU Dining Services provides block dining options ranging from 5 to 300 meals all with Dining Dollars. Block plans allow a specific number of meals per semester; Dining Dollars allows you to purchase tax-free meals at any VCU dining facility. Commuter students and students living off campus have the option of purchasing dining plans as well.

Still have questions about campus dining? Visit VCU Dining Services for more information.

What on-campus dining choices are available?

VCU’s on-campus facilities offer students a variety of dining choices: from restaurant-style dining with soups and salads, sushi, stir-fry, homestyle meals and made-to-order features, including pasta, vegetarian dishes and specialty wraps in addition to take-out. On-campus cafés serve diverse menu options such as coffees and blended beverages, fresh bakery treats and gourmet sandwiches, catering to your tastes and busy schedule.

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