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For information on health care facilities, the student health fee and health insurance.


What health care facilities are available to students?

VCU maintains two student health centers, one on each campus. Doctors, nurses and pharmacists who are part of the VCU faculty staff these health centers. The centers are self-contained clinics that are able to handle all medical needs 24 hours a day. In the event of a major emergency, students are referred to the VCU Medical Center, the fourth-largest university medical center in the U.S.

Are students charged for student health services?

Most services dealing with an illness are covered by the student health fee, which all students are required to pay. Exceptions are pharmacy items (at reduced cost), emergency room visit if not recommended by a doctor at the student health center and some lab tests.

Is health insurance available to students through VCU?

Yes, VCU offers a hospitalization insurance program for students, their spouses and dependents. The plan offers hospitalization and major medical benefits. To find out more about the insurance plan, visit University Student Health Services.

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