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Undergraduate Admissions

For information on housing requirements, meal plans in the dorms and finding a place to live off campus.


How do I register for university housing?

When a student is accepted to the university, the Office of Admissions mails out an acceptance packet, which includes a letter of acceptance and a VCU Handbook for Accepted Students. Included in the handbook is information about housing. Students who want university housing should go online to to fill out the application. Students will be notified either that the room is reserved or that they are on a waiting list for residence hall space. For more information visit VCU’s Residential Life and Housing.

Are freshmen required to live in university housing?

Freshmen are not required to live in university housing. However, the university does strongly urge freshmen to consider university housing at least for their first year. Research has shown that students living on campus have a better academic career and a more active social life. They meet other students and are more involved in university events.

Do you have to be on the meal plan if you live in the residence halls?

Undergraduate students who live in university housing (other than students living in university apartments) are required to choose a meal plan. Commuter students and students living off campus have the option of purchasing dining plans as well. Visit VCU Dining Services for details.

Do you have someone to help me find off-campus housing?

Student fees fund VCU's Off-Campus Housing Service, which keeps excellent listings of apartments and houses available in the close-to-campus Fan District as well as other neighborhoods in the metro Richmond Area.

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