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Undergraduate Admissions

Need to contact your application processor? Find his or her contact information in the list below.

Applicants to specific programs on the Monroe Park and MCV campuses

Processor Caseload Phone number Email address
Colleen Trachy School of the Arts;
Undergraduate media certificate program
(804) 828-6006
Samantha Ramos School of the Arts; Post-baccalaureate in business, health sciences, computer science, Spanish and statistics certificate programs (804) 828-6009
Akiliah McKelvey Dental hygiene;
Allied health;
School of Nursing
(804) 828-3304

Applicants to all other undergraduate programs

Processor Caseload
(last name)
Phone number Email address
TBD A-D (804) 828-1222
Jennifer Klenzmann E-L (804) 828-3306
Latrice Patterson M-SC (804) 828-2282
Samantha Ray Sd-Z (804) 828-2275
Students studying
VCU campus